Display Stand for Relief Bronze Panels

Finding ways to display fine art to its best advantage, without allowing the display mechanism to play any part in the visual experience, can be a challenge. This pair of 600 x 500m sculpted cold cast bronze panels featured in a private exhibition and the artist wanted the audience to be able to engage with […]

Taking Recycling to A New Level

Not only do we refurbish ‘tired’ mannequins when they’ve been subjected to a few hard knocks in store, but photographer Bruce Hepburn (www.astrapics.co.za) has found another creative way to breathe fresh life into them by merging old Mannequin Works heads with the eyes of a real model. We think they look amazing. [justified_image_grid row_height=300 ids=”3201,3202″]

Point-Of-Sale units for BraveHeart Biltong

Start-up snack business BraveHeart Biltong, needed low-cost point-of-sale solutions for their biltong snack packs (that’s jerky if you’re not from South Africa!) and they asked us to make up store-floor and counter-top units to their exact design specifications. They supplied the drawings and we took it from there. [justified_image_grid ids=”3084,3083,3085,3082″]

Hat Stand for Poetry Clothing

Clothing, jewellery and home-wear brand, Poetry, has a distinctively fresh and whimsical style that’s reflected in every aspect of their visual merchandising. With hats featuring in their collection, they needed a clean and elegant way to show how they complement their clothing line. The problem? Poetry uses headless torsos in its window displays rather than […]