Price and practicality are two things that should never constrain art but in the real world they often do. So we’re really excited at the addition of a 3D digital scanner to our creative tool kit.

Now our sculptors can create prototype designs – of any shape, size or complexity – scan them accurately in 3D and translate the physical object into a 3D digital file that can be replicated or enlarged to any size required.

We take a brief, design 3D objects and scan them at our factory. Or we scan a customer’s own creation. Then, with inputs from every angle, we edit the design digitally, on screen, until everybody’s happy that it’s ready for production.

With everything, from A to Z, produced and stored digitally, there are no more size or weight constraints; no more expensive transportation or rigging of forms; and no more storage space for physical prototypes.

It’s a fast, precise technology solution to a manual process that’s always challenged creatives (and their accountants!) and, because it is portable, the 3D scanning can be done in our factory, or anywhere.

We love the way this blends our wide experience in traditional sculpting techniques with the latest digital technology.

And we’re proud to be able to offer a solution that finally allows artists and the commercial creative community an opportunity to unleash their imagination with no limits!